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  Fabulous Thunderbirds Fabulous Thunderbirds Info Page

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BIRTHDAYS: Kim Wilson (January 6, 1951) ~ Jimmy Vaughan (March 20, 1951)
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BIGGEST SINGLE: "Tuff Enuff" (1986)
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BIGGEST LP: Tuff Enuff (1986)
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Fabulous Thunderbirdsbutton.gif (123 bytes) The music of The Fabulous Thunderbirds have been described as "roadhouse Texas blues" with an integration of rock and R&B. The Thunderbirds were founded by Jimmie Vaughan, brother of Stevie Ray Vaughan and consists of Vaughan (guitar), Kim Wilson (lead singer), Preston Hubbard (bass), and Fran Chistina (drums). Original members, Keith Ferguson (bass), Mike Buck (drums) and Lou Arnn Barton (vocals), had left the band by 1986.


Fabulous Thunderbirds - Tuff Enuffbutton.gif (123 bytes) The Fabulous Thunderbirds went from a well-known blues club band to mainstream pop and rock artists with their release of the Dave Edmunds-produced Tuff Enuff in 1986. Yet, Tuff Enuff was the Thunderbird's fifth LP following: The Fabulous Thunderbirds (1979), What's The Word (1980), Butt Rockin' (1981), and T-Bird Rhythm (1982).

1986...# 71 Singles Artist of the Year

In 1986, the band had 2 Top 40 hits, including their Top 10 hit, "Tuff Enuff" from their LP, Tuff Enuff. Their videos were also heavily played on video stations.

button.gif (123 bytes) In 1987, the Fabulous Thunderbirds were nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Rock Vocal Performance by a Duo or Group ("Tuff Enuff"). In 1987, the band was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Rock Instrumental Performance ("Down At The Antones"). The band had marginal success with their follow-up LPs, including Hot Number (1987) and Powerful Stuff (1989). LP tracks such as "Stand Back" and "Powerful Stuff" from the movie soundtrack for Cocktail did well on the rock charts but showed little movement on pop stations.

1988... # 192 Singles Artist of the Year


Fabulous Thunderbirds - Hot Stuff: The Greatest Hitsbutton.gif (123 bytes) Jimmie Vaughan left the band in 1990 to work with his brother until Stevie's death, and then pursued a solo career. The Fabulous Thunderbirds reconfigured themselves by adding two new guitarists, Duke Robillard and Kid Bangham, and released Walk That Walk, Talk That Talk in 1991. In 1992, a compilation LP was released: Hot Stuff: The Greatest Hits. The reconfigured Thunderbirds didn't release another LP until 1995: Roll Of The Dice. With the release of High Water in 1997, the Fabulous Thunderbirds consisted of Kim Wilson, Gene Taylor, Willie Campbell, James Bott, and Kid Ramos. In February, 2001, Girl Go Wild was released and in October, Live was released.

  The Fabulous Thunderbirds
Released: 1979
Rolling Stone review: 4 stars from Rolling Stone
Fabulous Thunderbirds LP What's The Word
Released: 1980
Rolling Stone review: 3 stars from Rolling Stone
Tracks: "Runnin' Shoes" - "You Ain't Nothin' But Fine" - "Low-Down Woman" - "Extra Jimmies" - "Sugar-Coated Love" - "Last Call For Alcohol" - "The Crawl" - "Jumpin' Bad" - "Learn To Treat Me Right" - "I'm A Good Man (If You Give Me A Chance)" - "Dirty Work" - "That's Enough Of That Stuff" - "Bad Boy" (live) - "Scratch My Back" (live) - "Los Fabulosos Thunderbirds"
Fabulous Thunderbirds - Butt Rockin' Butt Rockin'
Released: 1981
Billboard peak: # 176
Rolling Stone review: 4 stars from Rolling Stone
Tracks: "I Believe I'm In Love" - "One's Too Many" - "Give Me All Your Lovin'" - "Roll, Roll, Roll" - "Cherry Pink And Apple Blossom White" - "I Hear You Knockin'" - "Tip On In" - "I'm Sorry" - "Mathilda" - "Tell Me Why" - "In Orbit" - "Found A New Love" - "I Got Eyes" - "Someday You'll Want Me"
Fabulous Thunderbirds - T-Bird Rhythm T-Bird Rhythm
Released: 1982
Rolling Stone review: 3 stars from Rolling Stone
Tracks: "Can't Tear It Up Enough" - "How Do You Spell Love" - "You're Humbuggin' Me" - "My Babe" - "Neighbor Tend To Your Business" - "The Monkey" - "Diddy Wah Diddy" - "Lover's Crime" - "Poor Boy" - "Tell Me (Pretty Baby)" - "Gotta Have Some / Just Got Some"
Fabulous Thunderbirds - Tuff Enuff Tuff Enuff
Released: 1986
US: Platinum
Billboard peak: # 13
Tracks: "Tuff Enuff" - "Tell Me" - "Look At That, Look At That" - "Two Time My Lovin'" - "Amnesia" - "Wrap It Up" - "True Love" - "Why Get Up" - "I Don't Care" - "Down At Antone's"
Fabulous Thunderbirds - Hot Number Hot Number
Released: July, 1987
Billboard peak: # 49
Tracks: "Stand Back" - "Hot Number" - "Wasted Tears" - "It COmes To Me naturally" - "Love In Common" - "How Do You Spell Love" - "Streets Of Gold" - "Sofa Circuit" - "Don't Brother Tryin' To Steal Her Love" - "It Takes A Big Man To Cry"
Fabulous Thunderbirds - Powerful Stuff Powerful Stuff
Released: 1989
Billboard peak: # 118
Rolling Stone review: 3 stars from Rolling Stone
Tracks: "Rock This Place" - "Knock Yourself Out" - "Mistake Number 1" - "One Night Stand" - "Emergency" - "Powerful Stuff" - "Close Together" - "Now Loosen Up Baby" - "She's Hot" - "Rainin' In My Heart"
Fabulous Thunderbirds - Walk That Walk, Talk That Talk Walk That Walk, Talk That Talk
Released: December, 1991
Rolling Stone review:4 stars from Rolling Stone
Tracks: "Twist Of The Knife" - "Ain't That A Lot Of Love" - "Work Together" - "Born To Love You" - "Need Somebody To Love" - "Feelin' Good" - "Roller Coaster" - "Sweet Thang" - "Can't Stop Rockin'" - "When I Get Home" - "Paralyzed"
Fabulous Thunderbirds - Hot Stuff: The Greatest Hits Hot Stuff: The Greatest Hits
Released: August, 1992
Tracks: "Tuff Enuff" - "Twist Of The Knife" - "Why Get Up" - "Got Love If You Want It" - "Rock This Place" - "Stand Back" - "You Can't Judge A Book By It's Cover" - "Powerful Stuff" - "Wrap It Up" - "Two Time My Lovin'" - "Look At That, Look At That"
Fabulous Thunderbirds - Wrap It Up Wrap It Up
Released: 1993
Live Tracks: "Wrap It Up" - "It Takes A Big Man To Cry" - "Stagger Lee" - "Now Loosen Up Baby" - "Feelin' Good" - "Tuff Enuff" - "Knock Yourself Out" - "Twist It Off" - "It Comes To Me Naturally" - "Born To Love You"
Fabulous Thunderbirds - Roll Of The Dice Roll Of The Dice
Released: 1995
Tracks: "Roll Of The Dice" - "Too Many Irons In The Fire" - "How Do I Get You Back?" - "Here Comes The Night" - "Talkin' It Too Easy" - "I Don't Wanna Be The One" - "Mean Love" - "I Can't Win" - "Memory From Win" - "Lookin' Forward Lookin' Back" - "Do As I Say" - "Zip A Dee Do Dah"
Fabulous Thunderbirds - Essential Essential
Released: February, 1997
Rolling Stone review: 4 stars from Rolling Stone
Tracks: "Wait On Time" - "Full-Time Lover" - "She's Tuff" - "Marked Deck" - "Walkin' To My Baby" - "Rock With Me" - "C-Boy's Blues" - "Runnin' Shoes" - "You Ain't Nothin' But Fine" - "The Crawl" - "I Believe I'm In Love" - "One's Too Many" - "Give Me All Your Lovin'" - "Tip On In" - "I'm Sorry" - "Mathilda" - "How Do You Spell Love" - "My Babe" - "Can't Tear It Up Enuff" - "The Monkey"
Fabulous Thunderbirds - High Water High Water
Released: August, 1997
Tracks: "Too Much Of Everything" - "Do Right By Me" - "Tortured" - "High Water" - "Hurt On Me" - "Hand To Mouth" - "Promises You Can't Keep" - "I Can't Have You" - "Too Hot To Handle" - "Save It For Someone Who Cares" - "It's About Time" - "That's All I Need To Know"
Fabulous Thunderbirds - Girls Go Wild Girl Go Wild
Released: February, 2001
Tracks: "Wait On Time" - "Scratch My Back" - "Rich Woman" - "Full-Time Lover" - "Pocket Rocket" - "She's Tuff" - "Marked Deck" - "Walkin' To My Baby" - "Rock With Me" - "C-Boy's Blues" - "Let Me In" - "Look Whatcha Done" - "Please Don't Lie To Me" - "Things I Forgot To Do"
Fabulous Thunderbirds - Live Live
Released: October, 2001
Live Tracks: "Wait On Time" - "My Babe" - "Things I Used To Do" - "Hustle Is On" - "I Can Tell" - "Look Watcha' Done" - "Wrap It Up" - "Early Every Morning" - "She's Tough" - "I Believe In Love" - "Tuff Enuff" - "People Will Be People" - "Where Were You"
POP SINGLES DISCOGRAPHY [based on The ARC Weekly Top 40 (listing explanation)
1 Tuff Enuff
Tuff Enuff
7 11 1986 [ LISTEN / BUY ]
2 Wrap It Up
Tuff Enuff
32 2 1986 [ LISTEN / BUY ]
  Stand Back
Hot Number
** ** 1987 [ LISTEN / BUY ]
  Powerful Stuff
Powerful Stuff
** ** 1988 [ LISTEN / BUY ]
Note: Song title and position links lead you to the song's Top 40 chart run (from the ARC Weekly Top 40) and LP links take you to Amazon.com for that LP (often including track listings and sound samples).

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