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  Aqua Aqua Info Page

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MEMBERS: Lene Grawford Nystrom, Rene Dif, Soren Rasted, and Clause Noreen
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BIRTHDAYS: Lene Grawford Nystrom (October 2, 1973), Rene Dif (October 17, 1967), Soren Rasted (June 13, 1969), and Clause Noreen (June 5, 1970)
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BIGGEST SINGLE: "Turn Back Time" (1998)
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BIGGEST LP: Aquarium (1997)
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Aquabutton.gif (123 bytes) The Danish quartet Aqua consists of Lene Grawford Nystrom, Rene Dif, Soren Rasted, and Clause Noreen. The group formed in 1994 and gained international fame in 1997 with their single "Barbie Girl" and soon established themselves as a new techno-pop-dance group ready for the 90s. The conception of Aqua began 5 years before forming when Rasted and Noreen worked together scoring a movie. While DJing in Norway, Dif got together with Nystrom and soon the pair hooked up with Rasted and Noreen as the group Joyspeed. After a mediocre response in Sweden with their sound, the group changed their name to Aqua.


button.gif (123 bytes) Aqua first found musical achievement in Denmark with their first single "Roses Are Red" which garnished them with a Danish Grammy nomination. "My Oh My" became Aqua's 2nd release in Denmark and soon topped the charts.

1997... # 73 Singles Artist of the Year

Aqua - Aquariumbutton.gif (123 bytes) Aqua hit the Top 40 with "Barbie Girl."
button.gif (123 bytes) Aqua stirred up song controversy with the famous toy makers, Mattel, Inc. as their debut LP,
Aquarium, was released in the states. The song "Barbie Girl" was climbing the charts around the world and Mattel stated that the song was unauthorized and depicts Barbie in an objectionable manner, while a disclaimer of the song stated that it is a social commentary. A Mattel spokesperson stated that "...if Aqua or anybody else is interested in dancing with Barbie dolls, they're going to have to ask us first." Mattel, Inc. filed a suit against MCA Records for trademark infringement and 8 other counts. The suit claimed that "Barbie Girl" contains lyrics which "...associate sexual and other unsavory themes with Mattel's Barbie products." The suit called for a recall of the products as well as an unspecified damages amount.

button.gif (123 bytes) Aqua hit the
Top 10 with "Barbie Girl."
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Aquarium was certified platinum.

button.gif (123 bytes) The fight between Aqua's "
Barbie Girl" and the toy manufacturer, Mattel continued. As the song continued to hit the Top 10 and #1 worldwide, Aqua's music label MCA Records decided to counter-attack with a law suit accusing Mattel of making false and defamatory statements about MCA. The counterclaim states: "Mattel's statements regarding MCA were made with ill will, hatred or actual malice toward MCA and were published fraudulently, recklessly, maliciously or oppressively with the intent to injure, disgrace and defame MCA and to blacken MCA's name and reputation throughout the world."
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Barbie Girl" topped the UK Singles chart for 4 weeks and topped the charts in Germany, France, Italy, Ireland and Belgium.

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Aquarium was certified 2x platinum.
button.gif (123 bytes) Aqua hit the Top 40 with "
Lollipop (Candyman)."

1998... # 51 Singles Artist of the Year

button.gif (123 bytes) Aqua hit the Top 40 with "
Turn Back Time."
button.gif (123 bytes) Aqua topped the UK Singles chart with "Doctor Jones" for 2 weeks.

button.gif (123 bytes) Aqua mostly likely breathed a sigh of relief when Mattel's motion against MCA Records (over the song "
Barbie Girl") was denied by a federal court. A judge stated, "Even if the song were considered vulgar as Mattel purports, it is a parody of the 'party girl' image Barbie may already have among some members of the general public. Absent stronger evidence that the song actually tarnishes Barbie's image, plaintiff is unlikely to succeed on its trademark dilution claims." But, a few days later, Mattel was given the green light to pursue trademark violations against MCA Records. The move will allow the toy company to seek damages but will not block the distribution of the song "Barbie Girl."

button.gif (123 bytes) Aqua hit the
Top 10 with "Turn Back Time."

button.gif (123 bytes) The case between Aqua and Barbie doll maker, Mattel, ended when a judge threw out both lawsuits. The judge remarked that "
Barbie Girl" is a parody of the doll.
button.gif (123 bytes) Aqua returned to the Top 10 with the hit "
Turn Back Time."

button.gif (123 bytes) Aqua won a World Music Award for Best-Selling Scandinavian Artist/Group and was nominated for 2 European Music Awards for Breakthrough Video and Best Pop Video.


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Aquarium was certified 3x platinum.

button.gif (123 bytes) Aqua spent the beginning of the year in Scandinavia working on their next LP. Rasted said on Aqua's official site website: "We have been writing songs all the time since last summer, and we have ideas for about 100 songs. Then we take about 50 of the best ideas and work with them until we end up having about 12 all finished song."


Aqua - Aquariusbutton.gif (123 bytes) Aqua released their next LP, Aquarius.


button.gif (123 bytes) Aqua decided to disband stating: "We are taking a break until further notice.

Aqua - Aquarium Aquarium
Released: September, 1997
US: 3x Platinum
Billboard peak: # 7
Tracks: "Happy Boys And Girls" - "My Oh My" - "Barbie Girl" - "Good Morning Sunshine" - "Doctor Jones" - "Heat Of The Night" - "Be A Man" - "Lollipop (Candyman)" - "Roses Are Red" - "Turn Back Time" - "Calling You"
Aqua - Aquarius Aquarius
Released: March, 2000
Billboard peak: # 82
Tracks: "Cartoon Heroes" - "Around The World" - "Freaky Friday" - "We Belong To The Sea" - "An Apple A Day" - "Halloween" - "Good Guys" - "Back From Mars" - "Aquarius" - "Cuba Libre" - "Bumble Bees" - "Goodbye To The Circus"
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